Preserved flowers, dehydrated flowers and freeze-dried flowers

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What's the difference?

Preserved flowers, dehydrated flowers and freeze-dried flowers

Fresh flowers, despite their unique beauty, wither and require special maintenance. An alternative would be to use preserved flowers, dehydrated flowers and freeze-dried flowers.

Preserved flowers

Preserved flowers undergo a very sophisticated drying process. This process is known as the preservation process, which consists of substituting the preserved flower or plant’s sap with other compounds like glycerine and other plant elements. The result is amazing because the appearance of the preserved flower is as if it has just been picked from a garden, maintaining its texture and flexibility.

Preserved flowers are exclusively for indoors and they are usually used in all kinds of floral decorations: minimalist, rustic, boho chic, vintage…however, they can also be used in outdoor events of short duration like weddings, baptisms, anniversaries, etc.

Dehydrated flowers

Dehydrated flowers, commonly known as dried flowers, are those flowers that lose water via different processes, for example: a drying press, chemical products, etc.

As the water in the flower is eliminated during the dehydration process, it loses its natural and original appearance making it necessary that it undergoes a colouring and mounting process to make it beautiful.

These flowers have a very long duration, although if the dehydration process is carried out manually they become very weak and brittle products.

The main difference between dehydrated flowers and preserved flowers is that the latter are natural and fresh, unlike dried flowers, and they maintain their feel and originality.

Freeze-dried flowers

Freeze-dried flowers are those which undergo a dehydration process by freezing and in a vacuum chamber, a process which is very similar to drying.

Often freeze-dried flowers are confused with preserved flowers, however, the preservation process is more complex and helps to maintain the moisture and flexibility of the flowers.