Hot Pink Roses

 October 25, 2015 New products  PQR  PQR Roses  Brisbane  Brisbane Colombian Roses 

hot pink

This week we have been testing all the different varieties hot pink Colombian Roses. We tried Pink Floyd, Janeiro, Hot Princess, Cotton Candy, Malena, Zafira BB, Topaz & Attache.

Based on this trial we think that the top 3 varieties are Pink Floyd, Topaz and Cotton Candy.

Pink Floyd opens up beautiful as you can see on the picture down below. It's also a 'real' hot pink, and it's a nice large flower. From the testing we have done, this one came out on top.

Topaz is a variety that has been around a bit longer. It has a medium to large bloom, and has a slightly paler outer petal. It also opens very nicely.

Cotton Candy is also a 'real' hot pink and has a large flower. In our testing this one received the bronze medal.

Other things that caught our eyes are the fact that Pink Floyd & Zaffira BB are very similar in colour. And the same for Cotton Candy & Topaz, very similar in colour.

Zafira BB has almost no thorns, Hot Princess is very small but does open up nicely too, Janeiro is hot pink but leans towards burgundy-red and Attache is more a mid pink with a small size flower.

We hope this can help you a bit when deciding on what variety hot pink works best for you.

Please note that this are our opinions based on just one week testing, but in the end all that matters is what feedback you get from your customers!Hot Pink Roses