Fresh Flowers


Stunning premium Alstroemeria from Colombia. A big difference between local and Colombian Alstroemeria is the foliage. Local Alstroemeria will have lots of foliage on top of the bunch while the Colombian Alstroemeria will have just have all the flowers on top. Another difference is the colour. Colombian Alstroemeria shows the colour in an earlier stage.

If you would like customized boxes, no problem, we can talk to the farm and get the boxes packed with the exact mix you want.

There are different sizes & prices available, so talk to us to see what can work for you.

Have a look at the full range of colours available by clicking "view the full range"

Carnation Sims

We love to provide our wholesale clients with a huge variety of sim carnations direct from Colombia. Sim carnations produce lovely blossoms that make excellent bouquet or vase pieces and come in a variety of colours ranging from delicate pastels to bright and bold hues. We can also do custom orders.

Our carnation farms, Colibri Flowers, are located in the savannah of Bogotá and have been growing the highest quality carnations, spray carnations and roses since 1987. To read more about their environmental and social policy, click here.

Carnation Spray

Grown all year round in ideal conditions, our Spray Carnations are available for custom orders. These diminutive Dianthuses are industry staples and customer favourites and can be used to supplement any bouquet or vase arrangement or as a small bouquet on their own.

Our Colibri Flowers chrysanthemums farms have the following certificates:

They also run a daycare centre for more than 60 children of farm employees. Click here to read their social and environmental policy.

Chrysanthemums (Spray & Disbud)

We have some amazing Chrysanthemums available since 2011 from one of the top Chrysanthemum Farms in the World. They actually won the International Association of Horticultural Producers (AIPH) International Grower of the Year (IGOTY) 2017.

Offering a large variety of Chrysanthemums, including disbuds, we have pioneered shipping these fresh flowers in sea containers from Colombia to Australia. We remain proud of the consistent quality of these flowers and our custom orders.

Our Chrysanthemum supplier are growing Florverde sustainable flowers and are Rainforest alliance certified.

Since 2016 we also started bring in PingPong Disbuds from Asia. The amazing pingpong size funky disbuds come in a wide range of colours and offers a point of difference in every shop.

Garden Roses

Special flowers for special occasions.

David Austin Roses

Special roses for special occasions

Wabara roses

Our Colombian garden rose farm Alexandra Farms started this year growing the Wabara roses, varieties bred by Japanese breeder Keiji Kunieda of Rose Farm Keiji. “We tested over twenty-five varieties and we have chosen three for their beauty, hardiness and performance in the vase: Miyabi, Senlitsu and Tsumugi. Miyabi is a very sophisticated flower. It is hot pink on the edges and as it opens it reveals a peach heart. Tsumugi is a fabulous light pink, large cup shaped rose with over 100 petals. Senlitsu is a bit different. It has a deep cup shape and green exterior petals.


Lisianthus are delicate flowers and always in high demand. Consistency is key for good quality and therefore we can proudly say that we can supply you with flowers from the same farm year round. We do have some great colours available; purple, pink, red, white, pink variegated & purple variegated.


Peonies, peonies, Peonies, who doesn't love them? From the end of October till the end of December we have top quality Peonies available. We don't just sell varieties but also tell you the size of the buds. Contact us too see if this could work for you.


The reason the roses from Colombia are so famous around the world is because Colombia is located on the Equator, surrounded by the Andes Mountains, providing it with a fairly stable climate all year round. This climate is perfect for growing roses (as well as carnations and chrysanthemums) and also enables farmers to grow larger sized roses more consistently than anywhere else in the world.

Our farms grow a large variety of roses and deliver a consistent quality all year round. We are also able to meet custom orders.

Our roses farms have the following certificates;

Spray Roses

Premium Colombian Spray Roses, year round. Available in Red, Pink, Pale Pink, Hot Pink, Yellow, Peach, Lavender, White, Orange or Bicolour.Premium Colombian Spray Roses, year round. Available in Red, Pink, Pale Pink, Hot Pink, Yellow, Peach, Lavender, White, Orange or Bicolour.

Preserved Roses

Proudly supplying KIARA & VERMEILLE preserved roses to wholesalers & florist Australia wide since 2015.

Under our QPFlowers brand we are the distributor for KIARA & VERMEILLE in Australia & New Zealand.