Colombian flower industry on the up and up

 October 17, 2017 Colombian Roses  colombian Carnations 


The growth of the Colombian floriculture industry is remarkable, but it's the country's potential growth that really turns heads.

Colombian flower industry growth The Colombian flower industry is growing in general. Last year, they issued the highest number of patents. On top of that, between 2012 and 2016, the acreage of flower cultivation increased by 18 percent, to over 7,000 ha and the export volume has grown by 12 percent, to 225,000 flowers that were exported last year. And this year, the export already has achieved a growth of 9 percent compared to last year. This growth is mostly enabled by the trade agreements they have between countries. Currently, they have trade agreements with 39 countries and they are negotiating with many more countries.

Growing beyond flowers Another important goal for Colombia is to grow beyond flowers. Next to increasing the export volumes, land and enhancing the quality of flowers they are strongly investing in their social responsibility - improving working conditions and the life of their workers and families - and lowering the impact of the flower industry on the environment.