Alexandra Farms adds new varieties, updates look

 March 01, 2018 Alexandra Farms  garden roses  garden roses brisbane  david austin  david austin roses brisbane 

Princess Suki Loved One

As of January of this year all of Alexandra Farms' shipments are being packed in new packaging that features their new logo. They will be transitioning all of their other markets, communications, web pages, social media accounts and everything else over to this new look.

The logo is inspired by the work of Pierre-Joseph Redoute and his botanic illustrations of Empress Josephine Bonaparte's rose collection in Mal Maison in the south of France in the late 1800s. He made over 300 anatomically correct drawings of her entire rose collection - and thanks to him, Josephine's collection will live forever.

The grower has also introduced several new varieties for the 2018 wedding season.

Golden Mustard This is a Dutch hybrid Tea rose. The grower included it in their line because of its unique color. The sandy shade of tan and café latte is sure to make this rose a favorite of wedding designers. And it is just in time for the wedding season.

Princess Maya (Night Rain) This beautiful blush rose is a new addition to the Princess Japanese Garden Rose collection. It is fragrant, a reliable opener, and has a great 8-10 day vase life (after 5 days of shipping).

Princess Suki (Loved One) This is another new addition to the Princess Japanese Garden Rose collection. Suki's beauty comes from the striking contrast in color between the cream center and the hot pink exterior. Her shape is also cabbage making her dubley unique. She is a reliable opener, has a great 8-10 day vase life (after 5 days of shipping) and easy to work with.

Sabrina Sabrina comes from the south of France. Bred by the Meilland family, close to Cannes and St Tropez, Sabrina is a small, lovely flat rosette shaped rose sure to enamor the innocent. Her petals fade from an interior blush to an almost pure white, with a coquettish button in the center.

Tiara Tiara is also a Dutch Hybrid Tea rose that makes the collection because of her fabulous antique lavender color brought out by greenish tinge on the exterior petals. This rose is quite unique and adds another hue to wedding work.

Source: / Alexandra Farms