5 Years O Yeah

 June 01, 2016 colombian Carnations  colombian roses  Brisbane  Colombian Roses 

All In Season Circle

Today, it's exactly 5 years ago All InSeason -Diana- received the first shipment of flowers from Colombia.

We can't believe 5 years have gone by so fast, but it has!

It's funny to look back at the very first shipment, only a few boxes roses and Carnations from Colombia, and we were very excited to check them and deliver them to our customers.
Since then, so many things have changed; new customers, new product lines, new farms, new ways of handling the product etc.

What hasn't changed, is that we are still excited when we get the flowers & deliver them to our customers.

Thanks to our business partners, suppliers, logistic partners and customers we have had 5 good years and are looking with a very positive feeling to the future of All InSeason, together with our partners.